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Von Din Burg's Regiment

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Chapter 15

The Reunion

Well I finely got here. It sure is gona be good to see my old pards again. I got a room at the hotel. I can't belive its been 10 years since we mustered out. Seems like last week!

I walked down the stairs to the lobby, and I heard a voice I knew right off. "What do you mean there are no more rooms here. Is this a hotel or isn't it? This always happens to me. Look again.......Sgt. Bullwhip. I have a telagram here saying you have a room for me. Well I'm here! Now where is my room?"

"Sir may I see the telagram," the clerk asked? "Yes, yes of course. I have it right here." Well Bullwhip went through every pocket he had.........several times. Then he started to dig into his suit case. I creped up behind him, real quiet like. Then in a loud voice I yelled, "Look in your glove." Without evening turning around he said, "of course, that's where it is." He handed it to the clerk then he turned around. When he saw me we hugged for a spell. "Am I glad to see you. What have you been ah doing all these......"

"Sir. Sir! The clerk interrupted. "This telagram is ours...... but your a day early. You will have a room tomorrow," the clerk said. "Tomorrow!" Bullwhip bellowed. "What do I do tonight?" Well I offered him my room for the night. We went up there and talked for hours.

Morning came, and we went down stairs to find us breakfast.

As walked through the front door of the hotel, Bullwhip was ah looking at me and knocked a guy to the ground when he ran into him. "Watch where your goin," Bullwhip yelled.. "I'm sorry," a voice said. "Help him up," I told Bullwhip. Well he reached down and grabed the mans arm. But the sleve was empty. Well Bullwhip jumped like he was shot.

As I leaned over to help the man up, I finely saw his face. I started to grin. Then out from under a big ol hat, a voice came out. "Bullwhip, I should have you shot. Or maybe you just like cleanin up after the Generals horses." Well Bullwhip took another look. Then he started to grin, "Timmy," we both yelled!

Well the three of us went over to the eatin place. When we walked in we saw a soldier sittin at a big table all by his self. As we got closer I could tell it was a major. "Sir. There doesn't seem to be much room here. Could we sit at your table with you.," I asked.

He just waved his hand troward a chair and nodded his head. We walked in front of him and Timmy stopped in his tracks. "Lt. Hazzard." he said? "That's Major Hazzard!, And just don't stand there, get in those chairs," he yelled with his hat pulled low on his head. He then looked up at us with a big smile. "Hazzard," Bullwhip yelled! "Look at you. You can be shot wearin a major's uniform." "Not if it's mine," Hazzard said calmly.

We sat there ah talking clear till lunch time. Then we heard a sound. Kinda like a wounded elk in heat. We looked troward the door and there in a old ragged uniform stood our buglar. "That was assembly," he said. "You haven't improved in ten years. I still can't tell what it was," Bullwhip yelled. "Get your ragged self over here," said Timmy.

Time really moves fast when your talking about old times. We took supper before we left. All of us were ah stayin at the hotel. Timmy asked Hazzard to march is over there. "All right. Fall in on the street," Hazzard said. The buglar jumps up, "I'll blow assembly." "NO!" all of us yelled at once.

Hazzard marched us to the hotel. The town folk just looked at us like we ain't got good sence. But we didn't care. Three men came out of the hotel and stood looking at us. "Bout time you got here. Where have you been?" We all knew that voice. It was none other than 1st Sgt. Gehosafat. Next to him was Pvt. Johnson number 5, and Pvt. Barber.

Hazzard turned around, and said, "Patrol returning. All present." "Very well," said the 1st Sgt. We all ran to them. Hazzard was still standing at attention. "Nothing has changed. Break ranks, march." Looks like they already have a voice said behind him. Hazzard turned and saw Jim.

As we started to go into the hotel we heard singing. We looked down the street. The song was, The girl I left behind me. But who was it? As they got closer we could see them. It was Capt. Testostone and Cpl Blunderbust. "Guess who I found? My old pard Testy," Blunderbust said. "We, just closed the saloon down the street. Just the two of us," he said. "We sure did. Just what happened to all the girls who were there when we went in there," said the Capt?

"I'll take care of em," said Johnson. They can stay with me tonight.

The night pasted quickly. When we went to breakfast we found a bunch of the other fellows. It seemed like the eatin place belonged to us. The whole regiment was there.

As we ate and talked, the tempature dropped . and things got real quiet. Then the sun light that was ah shinnin in the door was blocked. There stood Mrs. Wellomellon. She waddled into the room and stood. "Well…….." she said looking around. A solider stood up and said, "oh sorry ma'am, Would you like to pull up a few chairs and sit down?" She started to waddle in his direction, glaring at him.

Hazzard walked up to her. Ma'am I'm Major Hazzard I'm so glad you're here. "I know who you are. I have a few things for you, and some things to tell you. Fall in the men," she said. Hazzard turned, "Your heard her, fall in!" Chairs scraped the floor as the men formed up.

"First off," she said looking around the room. "I have to tell you that Gen Von Din Burg died two years ago. He loved the army and all of you. He was so proud of every one. He wrote several papers and I have them here. This one he so much wanted to get to his commanders. But his mind was never the same after the last battle. The address where it needed to be sent, was something else he forgot. This one he really wanted the most to get there." She waddled over to Pvt. Barber. These are for you. You are now a Cpl. She then stood in front of me. "You are now a Sgt. Fritzy talked of nothing but you."

"I know every one of you," she said walking around the room. She passed out a few more strips. Where she got them, no one asked. Well she talked clear up till lunch time. We ate lunch there, and can that woman eat! She ate enough to feed a company for a week. Major Hazzard took the Generals letters and said he would send them on to Washington.

We heard some singing getting closer to us. The song came from the war. Then in the door appeared Miss C D, and Miss Laffy. They came in and we sang our songs till morning.

After breakfast some of us headed home, but most of us will leave tomorrow. I'll leave in a few days. Some of us are gona stay a little longer.

It was so good to see everyone again I'll be home in a few weeks

Till then.....Keep your powder dry